Nuneaton and Bedworth Carnival Court


Monday, November 27, 2017

On Sat 21st Oct the Carnival Court Event was held at Bedworth Ex Serviceman’s Club, to choose a new queen, deputy queen and attendants.

There are 2 age groups 16 plus from the queen and 7 – 12 for the attendants.

Myself a training manager from Tesco named Mike and a former attendant Leanne and also a former committee member.

The seniors are interviewed by the judging panel individually. The juniors are interviewed all together.

Once the night proceeds all entrants go individually onto the stage. They chat to the host. What is looked for in the seniors is a desire to participate and attend the functions. To promote the area and local business. The juniors just have to be outgoing and bubbly really.

It is stressed throughout that this is not a beauty contest.

At the end the judges confer their score charts with some of the committee and decide who wins.

The winners are then crowned. It was quite an enjoyable experience really.