Our roots

The Roots of our Society

Way back in 1832, nine local men launched a great democratic experiment. They formed Lockhurst Lane Industrial Co-operative Society in the parish of Foleshill, which was not then considered to be part of Coventry.

These nine pioneers are believed to have worked in the ribbon weaving industry, a staple trade for skilled workers in the Coventry area at the time.

Lockhurst Lane Society was the first Co-operative to be successfully set up in this region, and indeed it was amongst one of the very first Co-operative Societies in the country.

It merged with the Coventry Society in 1968, and later became part of the Coventry and East Mercia Co-operative Society.

On January 1st 2000, the Society changed its name to the Heart of England Co-operative Society, more accurately reflecting the area in which the Society now trades.

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