Jaz Dadry, Store Manager of The Co-operative at Ansty Road (left) and Jon Lloyd, Area Manager for the Heart of England Co-operative Society, with pupils from Richard Lee Primary School in Wyken.


Tuesday 14th December

The Heart of England Co-operative Society has invested almost £30,000 in life-saving devices across its trading community.

The Society has installed new defibrillators outside half of its 35-strong chain of Food stores in Coventry, Warwickshire and Leicestershire as part of an ambitious scheme to ensure each of its communities are within easy reach.

With defibrillators already in five of its stores, only these, and stores where there are devices already nearby, have not been included in the scheme.

Each of the new devices have been installed outside its shops for 24-hour easy access.

Ali Kurji, Chief Executive of the Society, said all new stores opened by the Society in the future will also be equipped with the devices.

He said: “Sudden cardiac arrest is the nation’s biggest killer, causing 100,000 deaths every year.

“It can strike anyone at any time, causing the heart to stop and starving the brain of oxygen.

“In such instances every second counts as the longer the brain goes without oxygen the more mental and physical damage to a person if they survive.”

Research shows that for every minute that passes without treatment from a defibrillator, the survival rate drops by another seven to 10 per cent.

Having a defibrillator nearby vastly increases a person’s chances of survival and making a full recovery.

No training is necessary and a device can only be activated by dialling 999, in which case further guidance and support in using the device is available at the end of the phone until ambulance crews arrive.

The Society has registered all its defibrillators with The Circuit – a national database pinpointing ambulance crews to their exact location, helping to save vital, life-saving seconds.

Mr Kurji added: “As a community retailer which has served this area for 190 years we are proud to support our neighbourhoods by providing these life-saving devices. While CPR can be administered

without the use of a device such as a defibrillator it is only effective in around nine per cent of cases. The survival rate increases to 50 per cent in cases where CPR is used alongside a defibrillator. We hope that there will never come a time when they will need to be used, but our customers, members and residents across our communities can rest assured the best help is at hand should it ever be needed.”

Defibrillators are available at The Co-operative stores in:

Alfall Road, Allesley Old Road, Ansty Road, Attleborough, Balsall Common, Barwell, Bulkington, Burbage, Cedar Road, Crick, Earlsdon, Galley Common, Gun Hill, Hillmorton, Hockley Heath, Long Lawford, New Bilton, Norman Place Road, Old Bilton, Rotherham Road, Stoney Stanton, Tile Hill Lane, Warwick Gates, Woodloes.